Razor Crazy Cart Shift (Blue)

The Ultimate Drifting Machine for younger kids!

Now, kids as young as six years old can drive, drift, and spin like never before, with the electric powered Crazy Cart Shift from Razor! Featuring a new, smaller frame, simplified drift system, and a hidden parent-controlled speed switch, the Shift’s design has been tailored to the size and skill level of younger riders. Drift into fun, with the all new Crazy Cart Shift.


About The Crazy Cart Shift (Blue)

  • Specifications

    • Max: 54 kg
    • Age: 6+ in “LOW” speed setting, 8+ in “HIGH” speed setting
    • Assembled Product Dimensions: 77.1 cm x 52.5 cm x 32.5 cm
    • Power Core™ Hub Motor Technology: Patented, maintenance-free drivetrain (no alignment, no chain, no belt)
    • Speed: Variable speed acceleration up to 13 km/h in the default “HIGH” speed setting. A hidden top speed control switch allows parents to limit their child’s Crazy Cart Shift to a top speed of 4 km/h for younger drivers and beginners
    • Run Time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous use in the “HIGH” speed setting, and up to 80 minutes of continuous use when the top speed control switch is in the “LOW” speed setting
    • Motor: 90-watt, high-torque, Power Core™ hub motor
    • Throttle: Variable speed, foot pedal
    • Frame: Lightweight, high-impact polymer
    • Steering: 1:1 steering ratio provides the ultimate steering responsiveness for performance driving
    • Front Wheel: 6” (152 mm), airless, flat-free design
    • Rear Wheels: Fixed incline casters with urethane wheels
    • Seat: Bucket style
    • Battery: 12V sealed lead-acid, rechargeable
    • Includes: Battery charger and flag
    • Patent Pending
    • No Assembly Required
  • Full Feature List

    • Simplified drift system – automatically engages rear end drifts so that drivers can keep both hands on the wheel at all times while focusing on steering and throttle control – just like the professionals
    • 1:1 steering ratio – Ultimate steering responsiveness for performance driving
    • Fixed incline, rear caster wheels – Provide the right balance of drive vs. drift
    • 12V sealed lead-acid battery – Power efficient and rechargeable
    • Power Core™ Hub Motor – Maintenance-free system that eliminates chains, sprockets, tensioners, and the upkeep that such parts require
    • Variable speed foot pedal accelerator – Provides full control of the Cart’s speed, allowing drifting and driving to happen at any speed up to 13 km/h in the “HIGH” speed setting
    • High-impact polymer chassis – Durable and light-weight
    • Top speed control switch – Allows parents to select the top speed they feel is appropriate for their child: 13 km/h in the default “HIGH” speed setting, or 4 km/h in the optional “LOW” speed setting
    • Safety flag included
  • For Owners