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Razor at Flame and Thunder!

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Last weekend we attended Flame and Thunder, a massive UK event attracting plenty of petrol heads and their kids. Featuring some of the world’s most exciting vehicles from rocket cars to monster trucks and more, the day was a petrol-head’s dream. Our Razor team had a fantastic time right at the heart of the action,… Read more »

Damon Hill takes the Razor Crazy Cart for a spin!

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The Razor Crazy Cart added yet another celebrity name to its contact book recently when it appeared at the Damon Hill Charity Karting Challenge. The Le Mans style karting marathon, held at Sandown Park’s Daytona track, aimed to raise funds for Halow Project, a charity supported by the former F1 champ and dedicated to nurturing… Read more »

XCAR race Crazy Carts in Toys R Us store!

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“It’s something we’ve all dreamt of doing: sneaking into a toy store and going nuts all night with the treasures therein. While most of us don’t get to live out that dream, the guys at Xcar have done just that. For its latest video, the British automotive video crew haven’t reviewed anything or gone to… Read more »