Razor A+ Lightshow Kick Scooter


Razor A+ Lightshow

Dazzling Color Fun

Light up your kid’s playtime with the Razor A+ Lightshow kick scooter. Crafted with precision excellence, this durable, light-up scooter takes the classic Razor A scooter to the next level. Featuring fun, eyecatching multi-color LED lights integrated into the deck and urethane wheels, the Razor A+ Lightshow kick scooter is a bright idea that kids will love. The motion-activated lights turn into a dazzling light show as soon as your child steps onto the deck and starts kicking. Lightweight, foldable, with adjustable height handlebars, the Razor A+ Lightshow kick scooter is sure to deliver countless hours of fun and memories in a timeless style.


About The A+ Lightshow

  • Specifications

    • Max: 65 kg
    • Age: 6+
    • Colors: Black
    • Product Weight: 2.5 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 60.7 cm L x 28.8 cm W x 82.3 mm H
    • T-tube: Aluminum
    • Handlebars: Adjustable-height, folding
    • Grips: Foam
    • Downtube: Folding
    • Wheels: LED light-up, urethane
    • Deck: Aluminum with vibration activated, multi-color LED “Lightshow”
    • Brake: Rear-fender
    • Batteries: Three (3) AAA (included)
    • No assembly required
  • Full Feature List

    • Dazzling Color Fun — Multi-color LED lights integrated into the deck and urethane wheels make this Razor scooter an instant hit!
    • Motion Activated — The motion-activated, multi-color LED lights turn on as soon as you step onto the deck and go off 20 seconds after you step off. You won’t have to worry about turning this scooter off to save the batteries because it does all the work for you!
    • Quality Craftsmanship — From the leading brand for over 20 years in quality and innovation, the Razor A+ Lightshow kick scooter is crafted with high quality aluminum and steel that are lightweight yet durable.
    • Foldable and Portable — Features our original folding mechanism, this kick scooter is easy to store, carry, and transport. No assembly is required so you can start your first scooter adventure as soon as you’re ready.
    • Adjustable Handlebar Height — Designed to grow with your child, the easy-adjust handlebars allow you to raise the height for the perfect fit.
    • Easy Stopping — The rear fender brake encourages confident braking.
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