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Turbo Jetts

Motorised Heel Wheels

Turbo Jetts Specs Turbo Jetts

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Step In and Blast Off!

Hit new heights of fun with the all-new Turbo Jetts™ motorised heel wheels! Simply start rolling with Turbo Jetts and amp up the action with an 80-watt, geared-drive motor to provide a one-of-a-kind boost to any pair of trainers.

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Crazy Cart Shift

Drift Kart for Younger Riders

Crazy Cart Shift Specs Crazy Cart Shift

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Drift Easier

Meet the newest addition to the Crazy Cart family: the all new Crazy Cart Shift! Designed specifically for younger drivers, the Shift delivers the drifting and driving fun of the original Crazy Cart in a simplified platform tailored for pre-teen drivers.

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